The Omega is Thompson Rivers University’s independent student newspaper. It is published on a weekly basis and hits the stands on Wednesday mornings.

The Omega is a registered non-profit society, governed by the Cariboo Student Newspaper Society. All students of Thompson Rivers University in good standing are active members of the Society. The Board of Governors who represents the Society meets monthly to oversee the publication.

The Omega is an active member of Canadian University Press.

Mission Statement
The Omega’s goal is to keep the TRU community educated and informed. The Omega is committed to ethical reporting and follows Canadian standards of quality journalism.

Fees & Operating Costs
Through TRU tuition fees, The Omega collects the equivalent of $0.64 per credit (to a max of $5.76 per semester) from each student, which contributes to The Omega’s base operating costs.

The remainder of The Omega’s annual revenue comes from paid advertising, as seen in the newspaper.

The Omega is produced using Adobe InDesign CS4 on Macintosh computers and is printed in Coquitlam, BC.

Your 2012-13 team

Mike Davies

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief
@PaperguyDavies on Twitter

Back for another year at the helm of The Omega, Mike is looking to continue moving forward with everything in his life, including the student press. Overseeing this talented bunch of journalists, he’s in charge of layout and design, as well as making sure the paper has the information the student body wants and needs by assigning stories and managing editorial workloads.

He also works as the national opinions and humour editor for Canadian University Press (CUP) where he scours student publications and shares the best of the best to deliver to other campus papers for consideration.

When not putting together a paper for you fine folks or finding content from CUP papers to share with campuses nationwide, he’s finishing up the last year of his bachelor of arts in English rhetoric and professional writing while laddering into the journalism program to get a degree there, too.

Off campus, he likes to play and read with his two-year-old son, Sven, who is developing into quite the little man before Mike’s eyes, and he tries to find time for as many rounds of golf as he can afford. Every now and then you’ll see him somewhere trying to tune out the world while sinking into a good football game with a beer in his hand.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mike regarding anything editorial or design related in The Omega, whether you have a story to pitch or a comment on anything you read between these pages.

Taylor Rocca
Copy/Web Editor

Taylor Rocca, Copy/Web Editor
@manovrboard on Twitter

Hailing from Calgary, Alta., and coming to The Omega via The Hockey News in Toronto, Taylor Rocca is a copy-editing force to be reckoned with. He is also very humble.

Entering his seventh year of post-secondary education, Taylor has a bachelor’s degree in recreation, sports and tourism from the University of Alberta and is working towards his bachelor of journalism degree at TRU.

While you might not see him news-hounding on campus like his other Omega compatriots, Taylor still holds a valuable spot on the ladder that is The Omega news-editing process. He puts the polish on all the content you read within this newsprint.
See a spelling mistake, grammar error or misplaced piece of punctuation? Blame this guy.

In his spare time, Taylor slugs away on the microphone at The X 92.5, TRU’s campus community radio station.

Devan C. Tasa
News Editor

Devan C. Tasa, News Editor
@DCTasa on Twitter

Entering the final year of his journalism degree, Devan is hoping this will be the final foray of his six-year post-secondary journey.

Calling Prince George home, Devan contributed a number of news stories to The Omega during the 2011-12 academic year.

As this year’s news editor, his goal is to connect readers with the people and places in which important decisions are made. From university officials to student politicians, campus clubs to city hall, Devan has you covered.

Student engagement plays an important role in what Devan does, so if your campus organization is working on an event, an important decision has gone undetected or you simply want to write a few stories yourself, give him a shout.

Brendan Kergin
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor
@roguetowel on Twitter

Originally from Victoria (a fact he’ll probably mention to you), Brendan is a big fan of B.C., especially after a summer internship in Fort McMurray, Alta.

A big advocate of local beer and indie music, he can often be found with a pint in some corner of a pub or music venue.

A fan of the truly great sitcoms, he just finished burning through 30 Rock and is working on reviewing Arrested Development before it makes its triumphant return. British current-event-panel shows are also a passion, and one day he intends to bring that genre to Canada.

When you first meet him he’ll probably have an energy drink in his hand. Speaking of hands, he’s left-handed.

No, he doesn’t drink hot drinks, especially coffee. Yes, that’s a little weird, but what’s life without being a little curious?

Adam Williams
Sports Editor

Adam Williams, Sports Editor
@adamwilliams87 on Twitter

New to Kamloops after spending seven years in Edmonton, Alta., Adam is a graduate of the University of Alberta and a journalism student at TRU.

A lifelong fan of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, he enjoyed watching L.A. secure its first Stanley Cup victory this summer so feel free to congratulate him the next time you see him.

Adam will make sure you’re never left in the dark when your friends talk about “that local sports team.” Focusing primarily on TRU WolfPack teams, he will also delve into the world of professional sports, offering opinion and analysis.

It is Adam’s goal to provide a complete sports picture for The Omega’s readers, ensuring no team is left uncovered.

Follow Adam on Twitter –


Courtney Dickson
Roving Editor

Courtney Dickson, Roving Editor
@dicksoncourtney on Twitter
Like her colleague Taylor, Courtney comes to us from the charming city of Calgary. After studying social sciences at the University of Lethbridge, she realized her true passion was journalism.
As the youngest and only female member of the Omega, Courtney is serving this year as the Roving Editor. She intends to write stories about all aspects of TRU, whether it is news, culture, arts or sports, in order to become a well-rounded journalist and hopefully end up at one of Canada’s national news outlets.
She is eager to inform the TRU community about what’s happening on campus, but she needs your help. If you have a story you want told, please email Courtney at roving@truomega.ca.

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