Diwali coming to TRU

Courtney Dickson, Roving Editor Ω

The TRUSU India Club will be hosting a Diwali Bash in the Grand Hall of the Campus Activity Centre on Nov. 18.

Diwali, otherwise known as the festival of lights, celebrates the triumph of good over evil and falls on Nov. 13. Because India has a variety of cultural influences, each culture follows slightly different legends of the celebration. However, because the entire country of India and many other communities around the world celebrate Diwali, it unites the people in a substantial way.

During Diwali, celebrators light lamps called diyas that stay lit through the night, meant to represent the power of good (light). Candles and fireworks are also lit for Diwali.

People often clean their homes, buy new clothing and cook new meals. Diwali is to the Hindu community as Christmas is to Christians.

According to the Association for Canadian Studies, there are more than 372,500 people practicing Hinduism in Canada, with most of these people living in British Columbia and Ontario.

As of 2010, Hinduism is practiced by 13 per cent of the world, making it the third most-practised religion, according to the CIA World Factbook.


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