B.C. Job Fair comes to TRU

Jess Buick, Contributor Ω

The B.C. Job Fair that took place in the Grand Hall on Oct. 30 had an impressive turnout according to Lucas Segar and Hannah Seraphim, B.C. Job Fair staff.

Numerous people from the community attended the event, resumes prepared, looking for new careers.

“[The fair is] important for the community as well as for students who will be looking for work after graduation,” Seraphim said.

Sitting at 36 unique booths, local employers and large industry professionals from across the province aimed to recruit and educate job-seekers.

“I find it comforting that some of these companies like Bechtel come out to recruit employees. Even if I leave without a job I know I have new information about what these employers are looking for and how I could get a job in the future,” said an unemployed gentleman, 28.

This year’s B.C. Job Fair began in late September in Richmond and continues until Nov. 30, hitting 24 communities across the province. The intention of the fair is to provide people with insight about various occupations and encourage exploration of new opportunities.

“We send out invitations to companies all over B.C. to attend this event, and make sure we have some local employers to encourage various members of the community,” Segar said.

In addition to educating attendees on the current job market, some companies have been known to conduct interviews and hire new employees at the event.

“We’ve seen interviews happen and PetroWest has been known to hire new employees on the spot,” Seraphim said.


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